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our story

We are black-owned and LGBTQI+ founded. Our firm has a deep understanding of these historically under-served communities, which causes us to lead with sensitivity and to seek understanding in all conversations. It also creates a greater conviction to see us all succeed. Together we will rise up and create sustainable and generational wealth for our families.


Avere Wealth Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm based in Atlanta, GA. We serve clients nationally by leveraging technology to reduce barriers to access a qualified financial professional.

Our Philosophy

Avere Wealth Management is deeply committed to helping clients build sustainable wealth. With our holistic and intensely personal approach, we focus on every aspect of your financial life and will design a strategy that helps you gauge, maximixe, grow, protect, preserve, maintain, personalize, and pass your wealth. Our business is built around three core tenets--educating, advising, and implementing.


When you engage with Avere, you can expect we will take time to educate you on the topic of personal finance. We are qualified to go as deep as you like on the topic, or at your preference, we can keep the discussion on a general level.


We will provide alternatives and advise on the pros and cons of each option, along with recommendations and rationale. You can accept, reject, or modify any recommendation to suit your comfort level. Disagreeing with my advice will not hurt our professional relationship; however, it may delay or alter your financial goals. Be assured, I will always respect your decision and adjust my strategy accordingly.


Once you have decided on the strategy, we will work together to implement the plan. If we need to bring in other advisors such as your estate planning attorney or CPA, we will coordinate and work directly with them to provide the necessary oversight to get things done on your behalf. We will also regularly monitor the outcome of the strategy and pivot as required to maximize the desired result.

Our Values

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Alleson serves in a fiduciary capacity and adheres to a code of ethics that expressly states that we will act in your best interest. When you engage with Avere Wealth Management, you can be certain that we will consistently demonstrate a set of values that form the core of our collaboration:


We will demonstrate a high level of personal and professional integrity. We are your trusted advisor and confidant in all matters financial and personal.


Loyalty – We are dedicated to your financial growth and long-term stability. We will recommend the best solution to meet your personal and financial goals.


We will respect your concerns and priorities in our communications, interactions and advice.

Meet alleson tate, cfp®

Founder of Avere Wealth Management



commitment to excellence


Alleson is hyper-focused on client service. She goes above and beyond to become each client’s confidential and trusted advisor. Given her focus and dedication, she chooses to work with a select group of clients with whom she can build a mutually rewarding relationship. Over time, many of these professional relationships have come to feel like friendships. She values that.



Alleson Tate, CFP® has been in the banking and financial services industry for over 20  years.  Prior to founding Avere Wealth Management, she spent 11 years advising wealthy corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and retirees at Goldman Sachs Ayco Personal Financial Management. She honed these skills in the firm’s Executive Financial Management division based in Atlanta, GA. As such, she developed a specific skill set and level of expertise that differentiates her from most financial advisors in the industry. She has a deep level of knowledge and experience addressing employee benefit plans and executive compensation that includes restricted stock, performance stock, and stock options. Alleson began her career at LaSalle Bank (now Bank of America) headquartered in Chicago, IL 


Alleson holds a MBA in Personal Financial Planning from Georgia State University. She also holds an undergraduate degree in finance from Howard University. 


Alleson is a digital asset enthusiast. In 2021, she started heavily studying this space and earned a Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets.  This distinguishes her in the industry and positions her as a leader in this space.


During 2022, Alleson served on the board of directors as Marketing Chair of The Association of African American Financial Advisors.


To recharge, Alleson loves outdoors activities and has hiked most of Georgia’s parks, including 6 of the state’s 7 Natural Wonders. Her most challenging and rewarding hike was completing the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon. She also loves listening to live music and traveling, and she is an amateur landscape photographer. 


why i got in the industry


I entered the financial planning industry based on several early and unforgettable experiences. As a child, I enjoyed budgeting and saving my weekly allowance, and I quickly learned the value of delayed gratification. Instead of spending my allowance at the ice cream truck, I decided to save up to purchase my first pair of roller skates and a Nintendo system (I know I’m aging myself). 


As a teenager, when a few family patriarchs passed away, I overheard conversations from other elders expressing frustration that they had to financially contribute to the funeral and final expenses. I wondered why no one made it a priority to have life insurance to alleviate some of the stress on their loved ones during a very difficult time. 


As an adult, a couple of close friends declared bankruptcy. This created much emotional stress as we discussed their feelings of shame. In response, I helped them create budgets and counseled on how to rebuild their credit. 


In all, I have an intense desire to help people achieve their financial goals and to be their accountability partner every step of the way. Together, we will create sustainable wealth. 

who are our clients?

We might be a good fit if you…



  • Want to create a more holistic, integrated, and actionable financial plan.
  • Recognize that your financial situation has become more complicated and you are unsure if you are making the right decisions.
  • Acknowledge that your time is valuable and prefer to delegate your financial life to a CFP® professional.
  • Believe the stock market is efficient and over time you will achieve your wealth goals with a disciplined investment plan.
  • Want to create a deeper and long-lasting relationship with your financial advisor.
  • Are action-oriented and will implement the recommended advice.
  • Are interested in cryptocurrency and would like to know how best to incorporate this asset into your investment portfolio or how to mitigate your overall risk if you currently invest in cryptocurrency.

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