The Significance of Financial Planning for YOU

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Without even working together yet, I bet there’s two things we can agree on

“Let me run it by my financial advisor” sounds crazy fancy


It’s way easier to do your best, world-changing, ceiling-breaking work when you’re not using a good chunk of your mental energy on trying to figure out the “money stuff”

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Now, here’s where I have a world changing idea of my own: I believe a solid financial planner is something everyone should have, not just those who look like they stepped off an OG episode of Dynasty.

I believe change makers, impact leaders, and creatives should be free to focus on creating their best work, and supported on all the rest. And most importantly, I believe financial planning shouldn’t have to feel cold and sterile and take place in the back office at a bank, I believe it should feel warm, personal, and actually get you excited about what’s to come.

And I suspect that if you didn’t believe that too, you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Good. Because this is the part where, together, we turn these beliefs into reality

Customized Financial Planning Services Just for YOU
Personalized Financial Analysis

To determine where you’re going tomorrow, start by taking a close look at your current financial status.

Goal Setting and Strategy

Working together, we will identify your financial objectives—such as traveling, investing in causes you care about, or retiring early—and develop plans to get there.

Investment Planning

Aim for optimal growth and income while navigating the intricacies of investing with a plan that fits your schedule, values, and risk tolerance.

Retirement Planning

Have high expectations for your former years. In order to make sure your golden years are actually golden, we’ll prepare not only for the financial stability you require but also for the lifestyle you desire.

Planning for Estates and Legacies

Let’s discuss the legacy you wish to leave. Your financial plan, including wills, trusts, and charity contributions, will demonstrate your intention to leave a lasting legacy.

Insurance Planning

Protect your financial assets during the wealth growth phase with life insurance, long-term care insurance, and excess liability insurance. It's about establishing a safety net to ensure that unanticipated events don’t ruin your hard-earned financial achievement.

What to Expect When You Collaborate with Me
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Our initial goal is to get to know you, including your goals, values, and the kind of life you’re creating, in addition to your financial situation. Your financial strategy will be as distinctive as you are thanks to this all-encompassing approach.

I will prepare you with a financial strategy that is unique to you and changes with you. Your plan will adjust to reflect any changes in your goals or circumstances, constantly keeping you in line with your vision.

I believe that having the knowledge you need to make wise decisions is important. You’ll learn about financial ideas and tactics in a way that’s understandable, applicable, and practical.

Working with me on financial planning is a dynamic, continuous process. I’m here to support you, recognize your accomplishments, and help you navigate any challenges that come our way.

I put your goals first. I’m committed to giving you the tools, encouragement, and direction you require to achieve your financial objectives.

I provide a highly personalized service that exceeds most expectations of a financial advisor. After all, I honed my craft at Goldman Sachs and continue to deliver the same quality service to my clients.

Introduction to Avere Wealth
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Are You Ready to Shake Up Your Financial Game to Change Your Financial Prospects?

Imagine creating a financial strategy that is as daring and adventurous as you are. Imagine me as your co-pilot on this exciting journey, assisting you in achieving your goals while living life on your own terms. Why wait? Let’s talk and get started on your specific financial roadmap today!