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Let’s not pretend we’re about to make Financial Planning Sexy
The truth is, financial planning isn’t sexy, and it never will be. Especially to someone like you whose most extensive financial plan to date could be summed up as:
I can just earn more
Woman holding her phone and leaning on a railing
And I get it! It’s worked for you, to a point… but some things have started to change since those days, haven’t they? ...
You’re not a baby business anymore.
Your lifestyle has grown right along with you.
People are gettin old.
Yup, life has changed pretty quickly, but you’ve started to open your mind to how your relationship with money can change as well.

Like that time your favorite podcast had a finance guru guest… you didn’t even skip the episode.

Uh huh, it’s giving growth, honey.

Or that time you joined that Facebook group for “Impact makers learning to invest”.

Yes, boss. Save that world and make that coin.

But I think we can both agree it’s time to get more intentional with that dinero.
This is the part where I’ll let you throw a mini tantrum:
Look Alleson, I hear you, but the money stuff is always so stale, restricting, and reeks of patriarchy
…that’s not my vibe.
Woah, Woah, Woah
Now, I said financial planning wouldn’t be sexy, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be as dull as freshman year Geology
or as cringy as Scrooge McDuck diving into a money pit.
Financial planning gets to feel...
  • aligned
  • peaceful
  • secure
  • empowered
  • liberated
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I Provide Comprehensive Approaches to a Happy Future
Your Relationship with Money Can Be Healed by Your Financial Healing Partner… me.
I Give Guidance Catered by Who You are, What You Do, and How You Do It.

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