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investment planning:


Grow your Wealth. Strategically create an investment portfolio that aligns with your long-term wealth creation goals and risk tolerance. We will review your existing portfolio and determine if it is aligned with your goals. If not, we will rebalance, monitor, and periodically rebalance the portfolio. We will create a custom and diversified investment strategy that may include a mix of asset classes such as: individual stocks and bonds (municipal and taxable), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), mutual funds, digital assets, private equity and other alternative investments.


Digital Asset Planning:


Digital Assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others are not a fad. Digital assets are owned by over 200 million people worldwide. In the United States, it is estimated that roughly 11% of investors held Bitcoin in 2020. By 2029, it is estimated that 90% of U.S. investors will hold bitcoin. Bitcoin adds diversification to your portfolio, can reduce overall portfolio risk, and can give you an opportunity for higher returns. 


Are you wondering how to incorporate digital assets into your investment management strategy? Are you an existing investor and want to better understand the total portfolio risk of holding the asset? Are you looking for a tax efficient way to take gains or rebalance the portfolio? Avere Wealth Management can help.

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cash flow planning:


Gauge your Wealth. Identify your short- and long-term cash flow needs to ensure you remain on track in attaining your goals. We will create cash flow projections with annual savings targets to help you meet this objective.


retirement planning:


Maintain your Wealth. Longevity planning is the key.
We will create a plan that provides guaranteed and non-guaranteed sources of retirement income to give you a floor of income to meet your needs. We will identify and implement the proper retirement withdrawal strategy. We can help you determine when and how to take your pension and/or Social Security benefits along with your Required Minimum Distributions.


estate planning:


Pass your wealth to heirs. Create a thoughtful legacy plan that maximizes wealth transfer to the next generation. We will review your existing estate plan or help you create a new strategy to distribute assets. We will find and work closely with an estate planning attorney to draft the documents. Once the documents are executed, we will coordinate beneficiary designations and the retitling of accounts, as needed.

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tax planning:


Preserve your Wealth. Proactively plan by applying tax mitigation strategies. Tax projection and tax preparation services are available through Avere Tax Planning.


employee benefit planning:


Maximize your Wealth. Enhance benefits and compensation offerings by determining how best to leverage incentives, equity, retirement, and other Employer-sponsored plans.


insurance planning:


Protect your Wealth. We will uncover if you have enough life insurance, the best type of insurance for your needs, identify who should own the coverage (e.g., yourself, spouse, or a trust), and help you procure the coverage.


life event planning:


Personalize your Wealth. Whether you want to start saving to meet a child’s higher education needs, to become a caregiver for a loved one, to change jobs or careers, or other personal matters, Avere has a plan for that!


Step One:


Schedule a No-Cost Consultation. We will get to know each other, discuss your financial goals, and how Avere Wealth Management can add value to  your financial situation. This meeting can take place over the phone, virtually via Zoom, in-person at our Atlanta office or even at your home.  If we are a good fit, we will move forward.



First Meeting:


In the first meeting we will take a deeper dive into your financial situation, identify your goals, and financial planning priorities. We will leave the meeting with a prioritized list of areas to address in our next meeting. We will also onboard you to our secure, account aggregation system.



Second Meeting:


In the second meeting, we will analyze where you are today in relation to your goals. We will educate you on alternatives to enhance these areas.



Third Meeting:


In the third meeting, we will develop a plan and present you with the recommendations and advice on which option makes the best sense (and why). Next, we will help you implement the recommendations.



Fourth Meeting And Beyond:


In these meetings we will monitor the outcome of our implementation strategy and pivot as needed. We will continue to work on your financial goals until you feel comfortable that you have a solid plan in each area and are seeing improvements.

Avere Tax

Avere Tax Planning is an affiliate of Avere Wealth Management, LLC, formed to help you preserve your wealth. Tax planning should be a critical part of managing your personal finances. However, it is usually not given the time and attention it deserves because many financial advisors and CPAs are not experts in this area.


Avere Tax Planning provides proactive, dynamic, and relevant tax planning solutions that can be added to your Avere Wealth Management relationship or you can engage in the service separate from our wealth management services.

How we help:


  • Reduce your taxable income by maximizing deductions to employer benefit plans.
  • Save for the future by identifying the right retirement plan.
  • Maximize itemized deductions and tax credits.

Avere Tax Planning provides the following services:

Tax Planning: One-Time Analysis and Strategy Session

Tax Planning: On-Going Analysis and Strategic Planning

Tax Planning: Equity Compensation & Stock Option Optimization Planning

Tax Planning: Individual Income Tax Return Preparation

For more information, please visit