Yay taxes!
Said no one ever

…but it goes even deeper than that for you, doesn’t it?

For you it may sound more like

I can lose everything tomorrow if this all catches up with me
or even
why am I putting so much work in if I have to give so much of it away

Okay, deep breaths. I know right now you may not have a clue where to start, and this is kind of starting to feel like that 3rd grade science project you kept putting off until you told your parents at like 11 pm the night before (just me?), but there’s a way to face this that’s not just kind on your nervous system, but strategic and focused on leaving you with the most coin in your pocket as possible.

Like, we're talking $10,000 to $90,000 per year back in your pocket that kinda coin

I’m about to get into exactly what that looks like but first,
I want you to celebrate
Portrait of a confident business woman holding tax forms

Just the fact that you’re here reading this page let’s me know that you’re ready to be done with the tax stress for good. No more having it hang over you like an ACME anvil following Wild E. Coyote.

I'm talking real peace.

Sound like a plan? Good, then let’s take a closer lookCustomized Tax Services Just For You

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We’ll go deep into strategic planning, examining all aspects of your financial status, including personal investments and business ventures. This isn’t just about making sure every decision is tax-efficient; it’s about ensuring:

  • You have the appropriate entity structure to optimize tax savings. Choosing the right business entity can have a big impact on your tax liabilities and savings.
  • You are using retirement techniques to increase your wealth while lowering your taxed income. Smart retirement planning is an effective instrument for wealth creation and tax efficiency.
  • You are maximizing every potential deduction. Instead of asking, “Is this deductible?” I will help you strategize on how to “Make it Deductible.”
  • You learn how to take advantage of tax breaks through real estate investment. Real estate can provide several tax benefits, and I’ll show you how to use them to achieve your financial objectives.

I will ensure that your returns are as high as possible and your liabilities are as low as they can go, all while complying with the most recent tax rules and regulations. This will make tax season easy and stress-free.

If necessary, obtaining expert assistance when interacting with the Internal Revenue Service is crucial. While I am here to support you by responding to tax notices and providing guidance through the complexities of audits, appeals, or other tax-related inquiries, it's important to note that I cannot represent clients before the IRS until I become an Enrolled Agent. Rest assured, I am committed to offering informed and strategic assistance up to that point, ensuring you’re well-prepared and informed at every step.

I provide more than just ongoing tax counsel that adjusts to your changing circumstances and the annual tax advice you’ve come to anticipate. My approach is hands-on, with a focus on both advising and implementing the strategies we discuss.

I’m here to perform the heavy lifting, completing 90% of the work necessary to maximize your tax situation. This includes assisting with important decisions involving large purchases or shifts in your company.

My service is intended to provide you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have an expert actively working on your behalf. That is the value I bring to the table.

What to Expect When You Collaborate with Me
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We start off our journey by getting a complete picture of your goals and financial status. This is where the tax plan we’ll implement together is influenced by your particular narrative.

After gaining a thorough understanding of your financial situation, I will develop a tax plan that aims to reduce your obligations while promoting wealth accumulation.

Anticipate year-round implementation, not just around tax season, with proactive planning. I think it’s important to prepare ahead and take proactive measures to make sure we’re always ahead of any changes in the tax code or in your life.

We will meet quarterly to analyze your business income and change the tax strategy as appropriate. There will be no surprises when you file your return because you will know exactly how much you owe throughout the year.

You’ll be aware of your position at all times. I’ll turn the convoluted tax jargon into understandable, practical insights so you can make decisions with assurance.

You cannot have a tax plan in a vacuum. It will blend in well with your retirement and investing methods as a cohesive element of your entire financial plan.

Introduction to Avere Wealth

Now let's get started!

Are you ready to change the way you think about taxes and improve your financial situation? Let’s forget the old tax stories and step into a world where April seems like a win.

I’m all in on helping you rewrite your money story so that tax season inspires development, knowledge, and a step closer to the life you want.

Why wait? Let’s talk and start designing a tax strategy that is as unique as you are!

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